The Family: On Mission

Youth ministry was never meant to be done in isolation from the rest of the church. This is why we are called the, “Body of Christ.” Teenagers need a plethora of adult mentors in their lives, pointing them to the truths of the gospel (Titus 2:1-5). They need parents who will live courageously; forming faith in the home, while engaging the culture around them with the gospel (Duet 6:7).

This means they become missionaries to the rest of their community, knowing their child was not placed on that sports team, dance squad or scholastic bowl team to win trophies or accolades, but to live on mission for God. As parent and child work together to bring the hope of the gospel, our youth will know and understand their life has great purpose in the Kingdom of God. 

Of course, their primary purpose should be to make their commitment to their local church family a priority, drawing healthy boundaries for their family, not allowing the pressures of the culture to steal their time away from worship with the family of God, in their local church setting.

As the family worships together in the body of Christ, the church is encouraged and revitalized. Youth experience the power of God being lived out in a church community who has chosen to make its purpose about furthering the kingdom of God, building healthy families and living open, honest; transparent lives.

Our youth need to experience life with the older generations. At some level we should seek to unite and engage the generations for the edification of the body of Christ.

The role of a youth minister is to equip and empower families to be the primary spiritual nurturers of their child. We should never seek to usurp the role of a Christian parent. We should always seek to empower them to become everything God has called them to be in His word. (Duet 6:7, Eph 6:4).

As the youth ministry co-champions with the family, growth begins to happen. Youth begin to see and experience the power of God. The church is encouraged, the family is strengthen and the world watches the power of God on display, through the people of God.

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