“You give them something to eat”- Matthew 14:16

Jesus calls all men and women to give of themselves to serve someone else. In the feeding of the five thousand the disciples come to Jesus asking Him to send the crowds away so these folks can get themselves something to eat. However, Jesus puts the onus back on them. He says, YOU give them something to eat.

They find a few loaves of bread and fish, giving the little they have to the King of Kings. Jesus, by His power, multiplies it, feeding everyone in the crowd.

Jesus is asking us to do the very same when we see an injustice, or someone in need. He’s asking us to give of the little we have, so He may multiply it, showing off His glory for the world to see.

What do you have in your life that you can give as a sacrifice to Jesus? You may say, but, Heather, I don’t have much of anything. Yet, Jesus can take our seemingly insignificant things and transform them into something far greater, but we have to be willing let up on the grip of control. We have to recognize that everything we have comes from and is a gift from God. In reality, all we’re doing is offering what really belongs to God, back to Him.

Father, today we give our lives, our finances, our cars, homes, food, talents and time to you, because we know that you can maximize them for your kingdom. You can do far greater with a little, than we can do with a lot. Humble us when we hold on too tightly to the things we believe are ours. Use what little we have to make much of your Kingdom. In Jesus name, Amen.

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