Starve the Monster

For whatever overcomes a person, to that he is enslaved…. (2 Peter 2:19).

Yesterday, I said to the high school students that all of us have issues in our hearts that if not kept in check will grow into a mighty monster seeking to control our heart, emotions, and strength. I shared from my own life how easily I can fall prey to this and how I’ve seen the monster of my own sin grow within my heart as I fed it with pride, fear, and insecurity.
Yet, we must be reminded that the Lord Jesus, who lives inside of us is stronger than our fear. He’s stronger than whatever the enemy tries to throw at us to feed the monster of sin that wants to grow within our lives.
The monster eats a painless man
I told the students, we must starve that monster, so that it stops growing. We must surround ourselves with accountability, knowing that we all struggle against sin and no one is better than another. This is the journey of our lives, not to have it all together, but to grow with others who don’t towards a Savior who does.
I am so glad that God sees within me the power and victory of HIs Son. He sees His joy, His overcoming life and His ability to walk in purity in all matters of life. The cleaner my hands and the purer my heart the more room I make for God’s voice to speak and for His heart to sing into mine.
This is the grace of God for sinners like you and me, to walk in close fellowship and experience freedom from fear, pride, control and the monster of sin that wants to steal our joy in Christ.
Lord, I long to live in your power. I have the power of Christ inside of me. Forgive me God for how easily I have fallen prey to sin. I have fed a great monster of sin, allowing it to grow and lead me down paths of darkness. Yet, I want to starve that monster and live in a place where faith flourishes. Let that be the song of my life, I pray, in Jesus name, Amen.

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