Sometimes I Just Want More From God So I Can Have More To Show Off To Others….

Because you have been trustworthy in a very small matter, take charge of ten cities.’…(Luke 19:17).

Following Jesus is never about who we are or the title’s we hold. Following Jesus is all about faithfulness. The Lord has placed me on a humbling journey recently in my life. He’s thrust me into a much different place. A place with no title’s that hold great significance. He’s made me a servant with little place in the eyes of man, but a great role in the Kingdom.
The Lord is not looking for one more individual bent on making a name for themselves. He’s looking for people who will be faithful with the little they’ve been given. I remember years ago while speaking at a rescue mission for women I didn’t give my very best because the crowd was so small. Thankfully, I was convicted by the Lord of my pride and started bringing my very best to the 7-8 women that would come to chapel when I would speak.
Yes, faithfulness is what God is seeking from us. Truly, if we are faithful to serve even in the smallest of places God will entrust us with an even greater territory for His namesake.
Can I be really honest? Years ago, I would not have been ready for greater territory. It would have gone straight to my head and I would have believed I was deserving of it, but because I’ve been humbled by my maker, stripped of everything I once knew I am finally in a place where any territory God gives me I see as a true blessing only from His hand. Anything He would choose to give me I finally see as His mercy, instead of something I believe I deserved in the first place.
The Scriptures remind us that “He who humbles himself will be exalted.” I don’t think this means that we just happen to get ourselves lower expecting God to raise us up. I think it means that we lower ourselves so we can do the dirty, hard work of the Kingdom because that’s what pleases God. We shouldn’t seek work that raised us up, but instead, work that keeps us humble.
Lord, I want to be a worker for you. I want to be faithful in this present season. Whatever you give me, Lord, I want to do my best for you. Quite honestly, I must have your presence with me if I am going to do anything at all for your Kingdom. Lord, let your light shine through me, not so I can have a bigger stage. I cannot accomplish anything without you working through me. Today I will choose to be faithful and thankful, in Jesus name, Amen.

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