He Has Done It!

He has done it!….Psalm 22:31

I am so happy that I am not the one in charge. Although sometimes my actions show that I want to be, at the end of the day, I am very glad that God is the one calling the shots. Sometimes I want Him to work on a different timeline or in a different way. I want Him to save me from pain and difficulty, but there is something about walking through painful seasons that makes us more like Jesus as long as we cling to the promises of God.
I have watched people become bitter, growing angrier as they push God and others away because of their pain. My heart is sad for them. There is so much joy God wants to bring from our pain if we’d be willing to submit it all to His love.
I write a lot about my own struggles against sin. For a long time in my life I felt as though I needed to have it all together, but after this recent journey God has been taking me on, I’m realizing that I don’t and I never will.
You see, I sense the enemy trying to shut down my transparency, for fear that others won’t accept me. I hear his voice trying to steer me into a pit of unbelief and discouragement. Yet, I am reminded that it is God who steers the ship. Whatever door He opens no man can shut and whatever door He closes I need to stop trying to open.
I’m not sure what you’re walking through, but if you’re anything like me, you struggle against sin on a daily basis too. You desperately want to be like Jesus but don’t always get it right. You struggle against wanting what you want and submitting yourself to God and His timing. You struggle with not getting angry with God or others over what’s happened in your life. Trust me, I get that. Thankfully, there is always hope for our journey as we learn to entrust all aspects of our lives to God.
You see, if I could be quite honest, there are moments in my life when I cannot say, “He has done it!” Mostly because I inserted myself into the situation, driving the ship forward with my own fear or anxiety, making it happen. Sadly, I know there have been moments in my life when I have missed out on seeing the miracles of God at work because of my own unhealthy need to be in control.
In this present season, I want to let go and believe that God is working on my behalf. There is something in my heart that I desire so deeply right now that if it does come to fruition I know it will be because “He has done it!” Trust me, on this one, God isn’t letting me take any control of it and for that I am thankful.
Lord, I trust you. I surrender to your love. I long to be like you. I need you! I know that you see the deep longing of my heart and so as I submit to you I trust and believe that I will be able to say, “He has done it!” Let it be so! In Christ’s name, Amen.

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