If You Want to Live​ a Prosperous Life…Try This

And so he prospered….(2 Chronicles 31:21)

You know, I want to prosper in life. I really do. This past year of my life has been one of prospering. This was evident to me last night as I was surrounded by many friends.
You see, my life has prospered because of the depth of my relationships have grown exponentially. This past year I have learned to be appropriately vulnerable and open with others about the real me. The one who still struggles against sin. The woman who doesn’t always get it right, but desperately wants to be like Jesus. That woman, the real me being made into the image of Jesus has prospered greatly.
Not only do I have the joy of Christ growing more in her heart, but I have peace. While talking with a friend last night about something I’m asking God for in my life she said, “You don’t seem worked up or worried about it.” That is because the Lord has prospered His peace in me. This journey that God has taken me on has been one of learning to let go of control and place my life fully in His hands. This doesn’t mean I always get that right. Sometimes I still fight up against the Lord, but I have seen a great garden grow within my heart over this past year. Truly, it is a garden of His peace and prosperity. There have been many times when I have run to that garden to find sustenance for my worried, anxious heart.
Did I make more money this year? Nope. Did I get everything I wanted? Absolutely not. But my life prospered in His joy. As I reflect back on this journey God has taken me on I can see just how great His love has been for me.
Be reminded that the greatest thing you can prosper in is not money or things, but in a deeper relationship with God and others. This is the greatest joy and it only happens as we open up ourselves to others. It is a beautiful thing when the body of Christ comes to one another without reservation, but with transparency and vulnerability. As we do this, we prosper as we grow up together in Christ-likeness and love.
Lord, I want to be transparent and not fear to be vulnerable before others, because I want to keep growing deeper in my relationships with others. Truly, God, I need your grace in all of that. I feel fear knocking at my heart over my desire to be transparent. Lord, I submit those fears to you and ask you to bring your comfort and joy upon me instead, in Jesus name, Amen.

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