Make Me Feel Important

And David knew that the Lord had established him as king over Israel and that his kingdom had been highly exalted for the sake of his people Israel….(1 Chronicles 14:2). 

Positions and titles have made me feel important.  Yet, any title of authority that we are given is simply an opportunity to serve those who are with us.  It should never be looked at as a chance to now control or live above someone.  We should never seek to be seen by others so that we might be praised by them.  But, that’s what our sinful hearts want sometimes, isn’t it?  We want people to see us and think that we’re great.  Being a servant requires hard work, letting go of ourselves and a willingness to sit with people, instead of rising above them.

That’s the interesting thing about Jesus.  Whenever someone tried to make him King, he never took the bait.  He kept living with the people, walking with them, meeting them on their level and creating opportunities to have fellowship with them.  That’s what a servant does.  They set aside their own desires to be someone to attend to those around them.  The greatest servants make Christ and His Kingdom their most treasured pursuit.

I struggle with this reality.  I find myself asking myself, OK, what can I do today that will help generate more interest in some projects I have been working on?  Essentially, I’m wondering who I can use to help me get ahead….ouch.


Now, there’s nothing wrong with have friends who support us in our gifts, but if the only time we check in with them is because we’re looking for them to do something for us, we have a problem.  You see, people will rally around who you are because you’ve made them feel as though they matter.  People rarely, if ever, rally around what you do, but they will rally around who you are and how you’ve made them feel.

Therefore, as leaders we must look to serve people, not to gain something from them, but to simply be something for them, so that we might be a true servant of Christ.  So that the world might see Christ on display in our lives, not in what we do or in the titles we hold, but in who we are through the risen and resurrected Lord.

Jesus, I want to be a true servant.  Please help me to do that.  I know how selfish I can be. I know that it doesn’t please you.  Please help me to see the depth of my sin in this so that I might turn towards you and be healed, in Jesus name, Amen.  

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