I Repented of My Lack of Trust in God

When the devil had finished all this tempting, he left him until an opportune time….(Luke 4:13)

The enemy knows where to push my buttons when it comes to living in fear and worry about my child. My journey on this has been getting past one thing I fear only to be hit with something new that the devil tries to twist around in my head, causing me to live not in faith, but in fear.

The other day I reached to a friend, asking them for prayer about this because I realized that this journey was going to keep happening in my life until I truly submitted her, my fears and really placed myself in God’s hands. My issue wasn’t the things I feared, it was my lack of faith and trust in God. Because you see, the Spirit would whisper one thing to me, but I just didn’t submit myself too it. I would still let worry creep in and hold me captive to the freedom of God.

So I made the choice to change my thinking. I repented of failing the test many, many times before in regards to trusting God with my child and I keep choosing, time and time again, when my buttons get pressed to trust God. Yes, I’m choosing to really listen to His voice and yes, I’m disciplining myself to really give her over and believe in faith that I can trust the voice of God in my life. Then, lean into the peace that He grants me, instead of the fear that attempts to drive me away from the love of God.

Father, I trust you. I know that I say that often, but I really want to live that now, in faith, in Jesus name, Amen.

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