Mercy Is Not Something That Comes Natural To Me

Mercy triumphs over judgment….James 2:13

Each morning as I am praying with my sweet girl, one of the prayers I say is, “God, give us eyes to see those who are hurting, a mouth that praises you and a heart that fully receives those who need your love today.”

It’s really all about trying to develop a lifestyle of being someone of mercy.

That’s not my natural bent, to be merciful. My natural inclination is to think, “Buck up, get your act together and let’s go.”

I have not had all that much time for hurting people in the past. I would try to fix them, tell them what they needed to do and move along. It’s only been in recent years that mercy has become something I’ve sought for my life. Mercy for those who are hurting and who need someone to listen. Mercy for those who have a story to share. Mercy for those who have messed up time and time again. Mercy for people, just like myself who are being made into God’s image but get caught up in sin along the way.

Mercy is something I’m trying to put on each day. It’s the set of lenses I’m trying to see people through. Because honestly, if I don’t I’m sure to become self-righteous and right. Right about how they’re supposed to live their life. Right about what they should and shouldn’t be doing. Right about all the things they need to do to make their life better.

But friend, mercy grows when we stop talking and start listening. Mercy becomes the joy we bring to those we meet who have a story to share and need a safe place to bring it. So today, just as I pray each day with my daughter, that God might give me eyes to see, a mouth that praises Him a heart that fully receives those who need God’s love today.

Father, I want to be a woman of mercy. I know this is not my natural bent. Forgive me for my self-righteousness. I want to be like you, in Jesus name, Amen.

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