I Was Down 0-2

we have an advocate…(1 John 2:1)

Many years ago, while playing fastball softball as a child, I was down in the count 0-2. I felt a bit defeated, questioning myself and wondering if I really had what it took. It was then, when I heard someone from the crowd say, “You got this Heather, it only takes one.” One pitch was all I needed. Sure I had missed the last two and this voice of encouragement was what I needed as I stepped up to the plate in confidence.

With this new found confidence spurred on by simple encouragement I took the next pitch and hit a line drive that one hopped itself to the fence. Had I not received that encouragement to get up and try again I might have just struck out.

Friend, there are many believers in Jesus who have messed up and want to do better. They need an advocate, someone who will support them and believe in them despite the fact that maybe they’ve messed up big time.

Jesus serves as our advocate before the Father. Truly, it is remarkable that He would do such a thing for us. His example should compel us to have the same kind of grace and compassion for those who sin. Advocating for them as they live this life as a follower of Jesus.

I saw someone do this in my husbands life a few years ago. He was so defeated and the simple love and care of someone who showed that they believed in him gave him the confidence to keep moving forward. My hope in this life is to be that person for others. Think about it, you know you have them in your life, the person who keeps falling and failing. You wonder if they’re ever going to get on the other side of this. Why not be an advocate for them? Even though they’re down 0-2, you can choose to pick them up, speak words of encouragement and be the person who helps them see their worth instead of living in their past mistakes.

Lord, I want to be an encouragement to others. When they are messing up and doubting themselves, help me to speak words of life instead of shame. Use me to do that for them, in Jesus name, Amen.

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