Is Your Faith Growing You?

And without faith it is impossible to please God….Hebrews 11:6

I tend to be the person who attacks my own faith the most, by allowing certain words of unbelief and deception in. Whenever I have lacked faith, God in His goodness and mercy has always allowed something to be stripped from my life so that my faith might grow.

Friend, I want you to ask yourself. Where am I lacking faith? After you have found the answer to that question, now ask yourself, where is God growing me? There’s always a connection. Because God loves us too much to let us waver in our unbelief and doubt. He’ll create the kind of circumstances that have the potential to destroy our doubt and unbelief if we’re willing to submit ourselves to Him.

I get it though, you’re fighting the process. I understand, because I do sometimes too, but friend, don’t you see, the more you fight the process the less joy and peace you’ll have in life. The greatest times of growth that have taken place in my life have always been because I finally gave up and started trusting. God brought in the bomb to blast away my doubt and now I had to sit among the rubble, held by His love, believing He would build something new.

Our faith grows when we sit with God in the rubble, waiting for Him to build something brand new, letting go of our fears and discomforts about the whole process and allowing God to reshape us through it. There’s something that happens when we let go and trust even when it doesn’t make sense. God fills in the gaps. He comes through for us because we’ve stopped trying so hard to come through for ourselves.

Friend, our faith will be what helps us overcome. Our lack of faith will be what drowns us in life. Thanks to be God who loves us in our doubt and doesn’t leave us there. Trust Him for what you need today and believe Him for great things. Sit still long enough in the fire to be changed by it. God will make something new in you if you’re willing to believe with all faith that God can accomplish it.

Lord, why do I doubt? Forgive me for my doubt. I place all of my life in Jesus, for He is good. Thank you for your great love and transforming power, in Jesus name, Amen.

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