God is With You in the Wilderness

for they drank from the spiritual rock that accompanied them, and that rock was Christ….(1 Corinthians 10:4)

I have been through my own personal valley’s over the past few years. Times when life completely flipped upside-down. Moments when things didn’t go as planned and my plans were crushed. My dreams were no longer becoming a reality and my life was now brought to an abrupt and painful stop.

I was now thrust into the wilderness, with only God to provide for me. There were moments, sadly, when I tried to get water from the rock out of my own strength, but the second wilderness journey God put me through, I waited for Him to provide for me. Through that, I saw Christ bring water and provision from His hand. Truly, dear friend, God wants to provide for you in miraculous ways in the wilderness.

Just the other day, I was praying to the Lord, because I wanted to take something into my own hands and “help the Lord out.” Really I just was tired of waiting and wanted to try and get some real answers. As I quieted myself before the Lord I heard Him say, “I’m working, keep waiting.” That brought me comfort, because I know that means He’s working out something great for me and I also know that in the meantime, He’s going to provide for me no matter where I find myself. Even if I’m thrust into the wilderness once more.

So friend, if you’re in the wilderness, remember that just as Christ was there with the Israelites, He has there for you too. He’ll provide for you something better if you’re willing to submit yourself to this place of wandering. Watch as He brings water from a rock for you and rains down manna from Heaven. I’ve seen Him do such things for me with checks coming to my house I didn’t expect and other provisions I didn’t see coming.

Just remember, as God is flipping your life upside-down He’s working to dump some stuff out so He can flip you right-side up. Let Him shake out the pride, unbelief and anger. After all, the wilderness is a gift from God to make you new dear friend. Embrace it, in Jesus name.

Lord, i don’t always love wilderness journeys but I love you and I love how present you are with me in them. Grow me in your image and likeness as I submit myself to you, in Jesus name, Amen.

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