I Feel Like I Deserve More

He is not the God of the dead, but of the living….Mark 12:27

There are things in my life, that if I’m being quite honest, my sinful nature just doesn’t wan to keep trying to breathe life into. I feel myself, at times, start to entertain thoughts of defeat. Since I’ve started giving into defeat I’ll daydream about something better. At least, in my mind it feels better. So instead of breathing life into that hard thing, I’ll just start to let it die because I just want something easier.

Friend, it is true that He is the God of the living, but we must work alongside of Him, believing the best, and giving our best to see hard things grow. I know what you’re thinking though. This whole family relationship, ministry effort, job or educational pursuit is so hard and you feel like giving up. After all, it feels easier to cut the cord and start over with a new job, spouse, friend, or ministry. I can understand how you would feel that way, but beloved, God can make good things out of your situation if you’re willing to start believing the right things and then apply wisdom to them.

Don’t get so stuck on all the bad that you can’t see the good God is doing. That’s my default most days. I start to get so stuck on what God isn’t doing for me that I forget to rejoice in the work He is doing and has done for me. It feels unfair because in my sinful flesh the thing I tell myself is that I WANT MORE from this and I’m not getting what I want so this is unfair. Then, if my defenses are down I’ll start to entertain thoughts about something better. Thus, forgetting the hard thing in front of me, because a mental escape from it just feels better, even though, it’s not.

So friend, if you have something hard in your life, keep breathing life into it. Until God calls you away from it, give it your best and believe the best too. The truth is, we don’t deserve better, we really should simply be thankful that we have God and we have His grace and that is enough for each day that comes upon us.

Lord, forgive me when my mind starts to wander to places that just aren’t where your Spirit would take me. Meet with grace in the hard places of life. I have your grace each day and so I thank you for that, in Jesus name, Amen.

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