He’s Birthing Something New

The day I found out I was pregnant it was a little bit shocking. I didn’t “think” I was pregnant. But when the blood test came back confirming pregnancy I was overwhelmed. Little did I know, God had started growing something in me- a beautiful child, weeks prior. That beautiful child would continue to grow inside of me for 9 months as we anticipated her arrival.

During that time, I struggled with not being able to sleep, had major hunger pains at times and dealt with such terrible back pain, but something was growing inside of me. I was about to birth something brand new. The hope of bringing something new into the world helped those sleepless nights and many trips to the chiropractor seem a little less burdensome. As I held the name of our daughter in my heart, I waited with great hope, love and joy for her arrival.

Friend, you might be in a season where God is growing something new in you. It’s painful. It’s uncomfortable and you don’t like it. I understand all of that. I have been there. What matters most is not the pain, although its so easy to focus on it, but the new beginning. The fresh start, the good thing God is growing in you. Keep believing that He’s working this thing out for your good and your growth as you cling to Him.

Becoming a parent has changed me completely. I think, it many ways, it has made me a better person. It’s slowed me down and taught me more about my need for grace. It has taken more of my energy, time and strength than anything else in this world. But that’s what new birth does. It changes us. It stretches us and grows us into new people. If we’re willing to wait with God in the growing process, He’ll birth new ministries. He’ll created within us a renewed and deeper love for people and a purpose that is bigger than the one we held before.

Won’t you wait with God in this season? Friend, if it feels painful, trust me, He’s working out something new. Just hold on and believe the best. He’ll get you there. Stay in the process and don’t leave the growing stages until He’s finished birthing something brand new in you.

Lord, you are light and love. Your word is truth. You make new things out of bad situations. You grow us into your likeness. We love you. Continue to make us more like you, in Jesus name, Amen.

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