Grow Your Spiritual Muscle

For no word from God will ever fail….(Luke 1:37)

I used to be a pretty avid weightlifter. I would constantly push myself to failure, because I knew that failing, plus rest meant growth and new gains. Failure was actually something I welcomed and didn’t avoid, because it meant that after a period of rest I would get stronger.

Have you ever felt like such a failure that God couldn’t use you? Do you fear failing and so you avoid trying something new or taking a risk? Is failure embarrassing to you so you blame others for what happened instead of take personal ownership?

Friend, just a muscle doesn’t grow without getting to the point of being pushed to failure, your life won’t grow much without failing either. Think about it, when you fail, it humbles you. When you fail you realize that things can’t be done in your strength. Failure often gets us to the end of ourselves. Don’t let the enemy cover you in shame, but instead sit in a place of rest with God. As you rest with Him and believe Him for good things in the midst of your failure, He fills you with renewed strength and purpose.

Friend, the best things in my life have been produced after failing and then resting with God. New ministries have been birthed. Even a child was birthed in my life because of it. Friend, you better believe that this thing you’re going through is not wasted. Let God grow new spiritual muscle in you through it as you rest with Him in the waiting.

Lord, no word from you will ever fail. You make good things out of dark places. You restore all things. You can take our failures at grow us into stronger people if we don’t let shame be our driver. Lord, grow me, I pray, in Jesus name, Amen.

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