Weigh Out Your Motivations

how majestic is your name in all the earth…(Psalm 8:1)

The other day I was sitting in an officiating clinic surrounded by many, many officials. Our presenter was talking with us about why we officiate. He said, “We do it for the student athletes, because some of those kids are just really awesome kids. We do it for them.”

His statement caught me off guard a bit because I started asking myself some hard questions. Why do I do this? Is my motivation truly to serve other people or meet some need for myself and even, quite possibly, meet some unhealthy need in myself? As I weighed out those options in my own heart I realized that what was true of me, sadly, is sometimes more so the latter than the former. I’d like to say that I officiate to serve God and to help my family and I think that’s mostly true, but then there are parts of me that once the game starts is looking for some kind of approval. Which falsely places my identity in what I’m doing, not in the one I’m serving, the Lord Jesus Christ.

This can be true in nearly every facet of life. We can be serving God, working hard for Him and do it out of a need to serve something that’s unhealthy inside of us. I’m still on that journey of daily dying to this reality.

As soon as the whistle blows I have to constantly remind myself to keep looking up to Heaven, to the one who affirms me. As I look up to Heaven in those moments of pure vanity when I start to think all about me I am reminded that His name is the only one that is the most majestic name in all of the earth. If people forget my name, but remember His than I have won the victory. Truthfully though, this is a hard one for me to truly live out. There are absolutely parts of me that God is crucifying so that I can lift up His name in all I do so that others see Christ in me.

Lord, your name is the only name to be praised in all the earth. I pray my motives are pure and that my intentions are never to serve my own unhealthy needs, but others and you. Let it be, I pray, in Jesus name, Amen.

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