The God Who Sees You

You are the God who sees me,” for she said, “I have now seen the One who sees me….(Gen 16:13)

Have you ever felt invisible to others or like they just never really saw you? As though your life seemed unimportant or insignificant to them? Maybe hardship and heartache entered into your life and you had hoped they would be there for you but they were not. It’s quite possible that even their own hands brought heartache to you when all you really wanted from them was love and acceptance.

Hagar, a slave woman in the house of Abraham reminds us that when others do not see us or when they mistreat us God still sees us. That brings me great comfort in knowing that whatever life brings me, whatever heartache or pain, and if there are people who forget me or let me go for whatever reason, He is the God who sees me.

After fleeing from a situation where she was mistreated by someone close to her Hagar met with God in the wilderness as she proclaimed, “You are the God who sees me.” There she built a well and called it Beer Lahai Roi, which means, “Well of the living one who sees me.”

Friend, whenever you find yourself in the wilderness. because someone has mistreated or forgotten you, build for yourself a well and drink from it deeply. Truly, He is the God who sees you. As you drink upon His love you’ll no longer feel alone or forgotten. You’ll not feel abandoned or betrayed, but satisfied. Yes, satisfied in the God who sees you.

Lord, you are the God who sees me. Thank you for seeing me. Help me now to walk in the grace and favor of your love. Not in anger or in spite. Not in fear or hatred, but in your love. Your love that fills me as I drink deeply from the one who sees me, Amen.

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