To Draw Near

When anyone among you brings an offering to the Lord….(Leviticus 1:2)

The ancient Israelites were commanded by God to bring an offering of Korban before the Lord. Korban, at its root means “to draw near.” Therefore, the sacrifice the Israelites would bring before the Lord was given with the intention to draw nearer to God in worship.

It was also customary for anyone who entered the kings presence in the ancient world to bring a gift or some kind of tribute. To not bring a gift to the king was deeply disrespectful, because when you’re in the king’s presence you always offer up a gift.

Friend, if we know Jesus, you and I have the King of Glory residing in us. Each day and moment affords for us an opportunity to give the gift our bodies, hearts, minds and souls as a gift that would cause us to draw nearer to the King.

What then is not drawing you nearer? What part of you, heart, body, mind and soul is not being offered up as a living sacrifice of Korban to your King? Is it your will? Your thoughts? Your vocation? Your calling?

Friend, be reminded that because He lives inside of you, your life is the best gift you can give to the King who wants to meet with you today.

Lord, may my life be given as a offering of worship today, because I want to draw nearer. Help me to do that now through your Holy Spirit, in Jesus name, Amen.

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