Don’t Remove Your Heart From God

…..But they remove their hearts far from Me….(Isaiah 29:13)

Have you ever removed your heart from somewhere or someone because you felt like they just no longer cared about you or didn’t love or respect you the way you needed them to? I have.

Maybe you’ve removed part of your heart away from God because He feels distant. It doesn’t feel like He’s listening to your prayers so you stop believing that He’s going to come through for you and you simply remove your heart from Him. Then you wonder why He doesn’t feel as close, but maybe, just like me, you didn’t realize that’s what you were doing. You were simply trying to protect yourself from getting hurt again, because every time God doesn’t answer your prayer the way you were hoping it’s one more jab to your heart that you’d rather not have to deal with any longer.

Therefore, removing your heart feels safer, but friend, removing your heart from Him will not be good for your soul. It will cause you to flee from Him in all other areas. What you need is His closeness and His understanding. You need His daily grace.

Friend, life is hard, but with God there is strength and hope. Don’t draw your heart away from Him or from others because you’re just so disappointed. It could be that maybe this fire that keeps burning is meant for your redemption. Something bigger you can’t see. Could it be that some area in your life needs to die and this is how He’ll accomplish it? Removing your heart will just make you mad and bitter, so keep your heart engaged, because a day will come when He will wipe every tear and you shall see Him and be glad.

Lord, continue to show me where I have removed my heart from you or from others. Please forgive me when I do. Help me Lord when I feel weak. I need your grace. Please shower it upon me, I pray, in Jesus name, Amen.

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