Heather has lots of experience speaking to youth and women around the globe.  Here’s what her listeners had to say.

“Heather Quiroz is a vibrant speaker, whose messages are filled with the Spirit of Truth. Her energy and passion draws you in, allowing you to become engaged in hearing what the Lord has to say.  Hearing Heather speak was a spiritual wake-up call, and I am excited for anyone who has the opportunity to hear her speak God’s Truth into their lives” – Jake Soltow, Interim Youth Director, Homewood Evangelical Church Moline, IL 

“Heather is a gospel centered, passionate evangelist, who has a real and authentic heart for people to gain a greater understanding of the gospel. I have had the opportunity to serve alongside her at various occasions and I can tell you that her love for Jesus and the example that she is to her students shines brightly in all that she does!”– Matt Ellis,  Lead Singer of 4th Point

“She has a heart for God to share the gospel to the broken hearted, to those who lost hope in their lives.  She preaches from her true life experience, because she has tasted the love of God in His word.  In the midst of hatred (while in India) she experienced the love of God.  The seminars in India were a great blessing to many people.  Many were touched by the Holy Spirit through her message.” –Pastor John Butti, Chennai, India.

Heather has an amazing talent for preaching.  She knows how to relate to teens and kids making it fun and easy to learn.  The passion she shows while preaching inspires me and others I know want to get into the word and show the love of Christ.” – Grace Hammill, a high school youth retreat attendee

“Heather is an amazing leader and she has helped me to get on the path of the Lord”…..Trenton Magedanz, a youth retreat attendee

Heather speaking at a Women’s Retreat

Heather Speaking at a Women’s Retreat

Heather speaking at Shelbyville Community Church

Baptism Celebration – September 29, 2019 from Shelbyville Community Church on Vimeo.

A short clip of Heather speaking at Peoria Christian School’s Chapel

The Full Message from Peoria Christian Middle School’s Chapel

 For more videos of Heather speaking please contact her at heatherquiroz17@gmail.com