Out of Egypt: A Story of Redemption and 40-Day Devotional

Is a personal, raw story of redemption as Heather shares very openly and honestly about God’s redemption of her marriage. She shares about her husbands long battle with destructive behavior and how she found freedom as she set boundaries and faced some of her deepest fears. Through one of the most painful seasons of her life, Heather saw God redeem everything that sin tried to steal and destroy. This is her story and the devotionals within this book were written during that painful season that was full of heartache and loss in her life.

“A couple of years ago, my husband and I walked through an awful, dark, difficult and painful season…..this is our story”

Out of Egypt tells the story of what my husband and I walked through together as I found freedom from fear and my husband found freedom from destructive behavior.

Along with this story comes a 40 day devotional. All of these devotionals were written during that period in my life of deep grieving with God as I dealt with some of the deepest pain I have ever experienced.

To purchase a copy of Out of Egypt you can buy them directly from me for $8 dollars or purchase a copy on Amazon in hard copy or Kindle format.

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