Practicing Patience With God is Hard For Me

The Lord is good to those who wait for himLamentations 3:25

My beautiful two-year-old daughter can be immensely impatient. She has to have things immediately. She needs my attention, help and answers right away. She has a very hard time understanding that I want to bless her if she would just simply wait.

I can’t help but think that I’m looking at myself and how I often respond to God. I get angry and upset when God doesn’t come through for me right away. I think He must not want something for me because He’s not coming through for me on my time. But friend, maybe God wants to bless you, you just need to wait a little longer.

Most of my life has been about doing things. Creating things and expecting God to bless me. Waiting on God is vey antithetical to my nature. I wish it were second nature, but it’s not. I have to fight against my personality to truly hear from God. My personality tends to always tell me to keep going, keep fighting, keep moving forward, but God says, wait. If I’m being honest, sometimes my personality and the way I’m wired speaks louder than God.

So friend, if you’re like me and waiting feels like punishment, trust me, it’s not. That’s hard for me to wrap my mind around sometimes because of the way I’m wired, but wouldn’t you rather have God’s very best because you waited for it instead of paving your own way because you couldn’t wait on His?

Lord, help us to wait with great patience. To trust you in all things and to not grow weary. We become weary when we are striving. Forgive us for trying so hard that we forget to rest in you, in Jesus name, Amen.

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