What is Your Need?

but Ruth clung to her….(Ruth 1:14)

As Naomi and Ruth dealt with the reality of being widows in the ancient world their futures looked grim. Naomi had little hope. She was bitter and angry with God, yet Ruth, her daughter-in-law clung to her in her darkest moment. Naomi expressed her grief and even says things about that aren’t true about God. Yet, God doesn’t seem upset with Naomi’s honesty- her real, authentic honesty. In His goodness and mercy provides for Naomi what she needs through an unlikely companion. A Moabite woman named Ruth.

Friend, I don’t know what your need is, but won’t you be willing to express it? When we do, God brings in unlikely people to help meet our need and be the companion we needed to get through out darkest moments of struggle.

You might be thinking, but God, how on earth will I ever get there? How will this need ever be provided for, yet you have not expressed your need to others. Sometimes God sends checks in the mail from random people He prompts, but more often than not, God works through the agency of His people who are bonded together Christ-like, communal love to meet the needs of each other.

So friend, don’t be afraid to share with those who love you in the body of Christ about what your need is today. Be encouraged that your realness and rawness to share is met with God’s mercy to accomplish something for you. That’s His divine mercy at work to bring something for you through unlikely people.

Lord, you are so good and kind. You meet our needs. May I be willing to always share what my needs are and not be so prideful to hide them. You are so good, so Lord, work in my life today, I pray, in Jesus name, Amen.

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