What is Your Life Shouting?

Moreover, demons came out of many people shouting, “You are the Son of God!”

My daughter has recently started shouting things at me. What she wants to listen to, play with, not do, you name it. She has found her lungs and she’s letting me know all about it.

I already had to place a lot of focus on her even when she wasn’t yelling, but now that she’s barking orders out at me, I really have to brace myself for impact and work to be a proactive parent in my correction of her.

You see, there’s something about shouting that grabs our attention more so than a whisper. That person, in their mind, has something to say that’s important to them and they really don’t want you to miss it. In my child’s case it might be shouting about wanting to listen to the wheels on the bus for the 78th time in a row, but, by golly, she’s gonna let you know!

As Jesus was making His way around the Galilee He was healing those with sickness and disease and those possessed by demons. As the demons left those whom they had taunted and inhabited they shouted, “You are the Son of God!”

Friend, I have a question, what does your soul shout? Is it something similar? Is your life so devoted to Him that if people caught you shouting that’s what it would be all about?

It disturbs me to think they’d finding me shouting about anything else; a vaccine, no vaccine, a political party, a personal agenda or a love for all of my hobbies.

I want them to hear Jesus when they see my face. Friend, if He’s only a whisper in your life, is He truly Lord of all? That’s the simple question I have for you today. Won’t you join with me and start proclaiming His love to the world? I really think all this shouting we’re doing at one another in our world’s current crisis is solving absolutely nothing, but prayer and pointing people to Christ can change things. I think I’ll start proclaiming that instead.

Thank you Father for your mercies that are new every morning. Thank you for the love of God that sets us free. I long to proclaim it and shout it from the rooftops that Jesus saves! Yes Lord, you save, so let my life reflect that love in Jesus name, Amen.

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