The Beauty of Stillness

Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?….(Luke 6:41)

My daughter is always on the go. She almost never stops moving and has a hard time sitting still, even for just short periods of time. It is rare to see her sitting quietly and playing.

If I’m being honest, I know, without a doubt, she learned that from me. I’m not really saying that’s necessarily a good thing. Being still is something so essential to our growth as people, because when we learn to sit quietly we create space and opportunity to grow with others as we practice the simple ministry of presence.

I have to really discipline myself to sit still with my daughter on those rare occasions. Like when she’s watching one of her shows on the coach. There’s something so beautiful about nestling up to her little body, holding her close as we enjoy one another. There are times when I use that as an opportunity to get things done, but again, she seems me darting about, instead of sitting still. I have learned in life that there is always enough time to get the things done that I need to accomplish. Life is truly all about priorities and presence.

If I prioritize being present then I’ll make sure to sit still with my child instead of dart about the house. If I want her to learn the value of sitting still I can’t just expect her to do it, I have to show her how by the way I life my life. So friend, if you’re frustrated by something in your child’s life that isn’t changing, take a quick look in the mirror and asking yourself if it’s changing in you first.

When we prioritize our own sin and need for growth above our children’s they will too as they grow and mature. You might not see immediate fruit, but in time, you will. Simply stay the course and continue to submit your sin to Jesus and practice the ministry of presence, stillness, confession and redemption in your life first.

Father, I don’t want to pass on my unhealthy habits to my sweet girl. Help me God, to take my sin very seriously, to abhor it and run from it so that she runs from it too. Make me more like my Savior Jesus so that she seems Him in me, I pray, in Jesus name, Amen.

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