Who is God to You?

The God of your fathers has sent me to you,’ and they ask me, ‘What is his name?’ Then what shall I tell them?”…(Ex 3:13)

We were very intentional in choosing our daughters name. Knowing that in the biblical period your name spoke into destiny we wanted a name that would do that for our child. I’ve been speaking the meaning of her name into her life daily from the time she was born, believing that with God’s help, one day, she’ll live t out.

Does she always live up to her name? No, not at this point and truthfully, because of humanness she never will fully and completely live it out. Neither will I live up to my name. Only one person can be that faithful and that is God.

So, I have a question for you, who is God to you? What name have you believed Him to be?

Is He God almighty or is He simply God, the one who is mad at you? Is He the Good Shepherd or is the God who forgot about you and your needs? Is He God, a good father or is He God, the one who just doesn’t seem to care?

Truthfully, during life’s most painful moments I have wondered if God was mad at me, had forgotten about me or if He just didn’t care. Friend, what about you? Who do you believe God to be for you today? Is it possible that something in your own heart needs to change so you can rejoice in the God who sees you? Your provider, protecter and sustainer? Friend, replace what you feel with we know to be true about God. After all, He has proven Himself faithful, time and time again and He’ll continue to prove Himself faithful, good and trustworthy even after you take your last breathe. Believe that He is for you today and change your mind about all the things you’re struggling to believe are true of Him.

I’m with you in it because I sometimes forget, in the midst of those dark moments just how good God has been to me.

Lord, I pray that I would always know you by your true name. Not ones I feel, but ones that are based on truth. You have proven yourself good and faithful, Lord thank you, Amen.

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