Do You Fear God?

But the midwives feared God…(Exodus 1:17)

Do I fear God? That’s the question I posed myself today.

As I was contemplating and wrestling through these thoughts things like power, money and prestige all came to mind. Truth be told, in the depth of my sinful heart I can easily love them all more than God. Why? Because I easily forget that He owns everything and when the decisions of people don’t go in my favor, He still owns it all. The power still belongs to Him and His no doesn’t mean He doesn’t have the power to do it. It just means He has something better.

But that’s the thing. I’ve been having a very hard time embracing what God has placed in front of me. I want something more. My heart feels conflicted and not at rest with God. I want too much. I always do. I’ve spent most of my life being too busy and now God is slowing me down. He’s attacking my love for power, prestige and money. The truth is, I’d much rather be somewhere else than in this present spot, but there’s something about my heart He’s transforming here. Do I fear Him enough to know that He’s got something better in this and on the other side of it? Truthfully, not always, but I really do want to believe, trust, obey and worship Him in this place.

So friend, today I’m coming with a heart that is willing to lay aside what I want to trust and believe in God’s very best. I pray I’ll continue to believe as I do my best to walk in fear of God, believing that He’s a good King. A mighty King and that when He’s ready He’ll supply all that I need. If you’re like me and this season feels uncomfortable it’s because He’s working something out in you that you can’t see, but He and others can. I’m believing that God will make me a new creation through all of this. Through the heartache and pain. Through the wanting and waiting. Through it all I’m praying He transform me more and more into the image of His Son.

Lord, I love you. I really do. Forgive me when my love for you is not as strong as my love for all the things of this world. Grow and change my heart, I pray, in Jesus name, Amen.

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